A Live Dragon pterosaur sketch by eyewitness Patty Carson Patty Carson, now an R.N. living in Riverside, California, sketched the flying creature she had seen in Cuba in 1965 Introduction to “A Live Dragon” English-speaking dragons that burn down villages with fiery breath or use magic---- those dragons live in fiction, not here. This page holds nonfiction stories of eyewitness sightings of apparent pterosaurs. For those unwilling to type “Rhamphorhynchoid” or “pterosaur,” remember “alivedragon.com” But links to cryptozoological sites on living pterosaurs----those are more common here than the eyewitness accounts; other sites hold more details on sightings. Carson’s 1965 Sighting in Cuba  Patty Carson was only a child when she and her brother saw the “dinosaur” at the U. S. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, in 1965. But the children froze as they watched the flying creature that was only thirty feet away. Patty had the time to gain a clear memory of details. But the two children were not alone as eyewitnesses of a pterosaur in Cuba. Kuhn’s 1971 Sighting in Cuba  Eskin C. Kuhn was no child in the summer of 1971. He was a United States Marine at the Guantanamo Bay military station. He had no idea that several children had seen apparent pterosaurs in that part of Cuba, in the 1960’s, on several occasions. Kuhn has given us many details about his encounter with two flying creatures and has also sketched what he  saw. “I saw two pterosaurs (or pterodactyls . . . what’s in a name?) flying together at low altitude, perhaps 100 feet, very close in range from where I was standing, so that I had a perfectly clear view of them.” Sketch drawn by Eskin Kuhn Copyright 2011-2014 Jonathan Whitcomb Pterosaur News “A quest for discovering modern pterosaurs”—from the back cover of what is called “the Bible of modern pterosaurs,” the nonfiction Searching for Ropens and Finding God, third edition From the nonfiction Searching for Ropens and Finding God book: “We live in a world in which modern Westerners, at least many respectable or respected ones, have believed all magical dragons to be only legendary and all pterosaurs to be extinct and even more ancient; also in this world, many natives, whom we had assumed more primitive or less gifted than us, have believed all dragons to be real and either magical or spiritually gifted. In some areas, they believe dragons to be both ancient and modern. What if all of us have been only partially correct? What if flying dragons are not so much ancient as modern, not so much magical as physically gifted, not so much legendary as real?” (Introduction) Don’t let crude monstrous cartoon sketches lead you astray. The real dragons look like pterosaurs.